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Thank you for stopping by and paying us a visit. We offer guided fishing trips in the backwaters of Charlotte Harbor and near shore Gulf of Mexico. Whether you prefer to target a specific species like tarpon, shark, snook or redfish, or just want to get out and bend a rod, we're the ones to call.

Charlotte Harbor Redfish

About your Captain

Captain Cayle Wills was born in Warren, Pennsylvania. He cut his teeth in the trout streams around this tiny town. He spent most of his time growing up in, on, under and around the Kinzua Reservoir diving, fishing and hunting. He also fished Lake Erie for walleye, smallmouth bass, and trout. Several times a year his family also travelled to Lake Ontario to troll for salmon. Directly out of High School, Captain Cayle joined the Marine Corps. He spent almost 8 years travelling the world and was able to fish all over the globe. His last 3 years he was stationed at Camp Pendleton in California and there is where his love of saltwater fishing really took hold. Cayle got out as much as possible to fish for mahi mahi, yellowtail, halibut, calico bass and various species of shark. It was here that he found his all time favorite fish to catch, the Mako shark. Captain Cayle also writes for Waterline magazine, a local fishing publication, and also speaks monthly at Fishin' Frank's fishing seminars.

Educational Trips

Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been here for a while and just can’t seem to catch fish, educational trips may be for you. These are trips on your boat because it doesn’t make sense to learn on my boat. We also help with fishfinder set up, getting you pointed in the right direction with your gear or just working on your confidence.

Trips and Rates

Guided Trips

Guided Trips on my boat:

$400 per half day
$600 per full day

Educational Trips

Educational Trips on your boat:

$200 per half day

$300 per full day

Tarpon and Shark

Tarpon and Shark

$100 per hour


What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring sun protection. Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen at the very least but I recommend performance fishing apparel with an SPF rating. Please keep in mind that you will be out in the sun, on reflective water standing on a white boat so you will be hit from the suns rays at every angle. Please don't think you're immune to the Florida sun and come unprepared. I can tell you how wrong you are. You will find me covered from head to toe in SPF clothing. Most importantly, bring a good attitude and be ready to catch some fish! Please no high heeled shoes!

Do I need to bring anything to drink?

I provide a cooler that will be stocked with ice and bottled water. If you would like anything else to eat or drink you are more than welcome to bring it along and to put it in my cooler or bring your own. I recommend bringing a rehydrating sports drink or two along with you and at the very least a light snack

Should I tip the Captain?

Yes, as a matter of fact, most people leave a tip for the Captain. The amount, however, will vary on how hard the Captain works for you and how much fun you have.

Do I need a license or tackle?

No, everything is provided for you. But if you have a favorite rod and reel that you would like to use you may bring it if the Captain thinks it is up to the task.

Can I keep the fish I catch?

Yes, you may keep the fish you catch as long as they meet Florida’s size and creel limits. If needed we will also filet your fish for you. But we do encourage that you limit what you keep and not keep your limit.

What species of fish will we catch?

Snook, Redfish, Trout and Snapper inhabit the harbor mostly year round. When they are available you can also expect Shark, Tarpon, Cobia, Tripletail and Grouper. Charlotte Harbor serves as a mating and rearing ground for many, many species of fish.

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